Attorney David R. Price, Jr. To Present At Personal Injury Seminar


(Greenville, SC)—Attorney David R. Price, Jr., an experienced personal injury attorney serving residents in Greenville and the surrounding areas, has announced his participation in the upcoming “Plaintiff’s Personal Injury From Start to Finish” CLE Seminar. Presented by the National Business Institute, this basic level seminar will provide plaintiff personal injury attorneys, paralegals and other practitioners with practical strategies for handing personal injury cases. The seminar will take place at the Hilton Greenville and Towers on December 6th, 2016 from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

In regard to the upcoming seminar, Attorney David R. Price, Jr. stated “Whether it’s their first case or their fiftieth, personal injury attorneys definitely feel the weight of their responsibilities. The legal techniques they employ during a case can have a significant impact on both their client’s future and their professional development. This upcoming CLE seminar will help attorneys identify best practices for personal injury case assessment as well as gain a true understanding of the statutes that govern liability and damages and the basics of settlement and litigation procedure.”

Attorney Price will present two sections at the “Plaintiff’s Personal Injury From Start to Finish” CLE Seminar. From 9:00 to 9:50 A.M., he will present “Statutes Which Affect Liability Evaluation”, focusing on statutes of limitation, automobile accident statutes, injuries on recreational lands, and sovereign immunity.

Then, Attorney Price will present “Basics Of Civil Practice And Procedure”, focusing on using interviews and investigation in the assessment of particular case types, including car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and product liability cases. For the remainder of the section, the attorneys will take them through best practices and effective strategies for the discovery process, initial court filings, and preparing evidence prior to trial.

As Attorney Price continued, “As an attorney who aggressively pursues justice on behalf of my clients, I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to assist other injury attorneys in avoiding common mistakes and building a solid foundation for their practice. It is my hope that what the attendees learn at this seminar will lead to a greater success rate in their personal injury cases and more compensation recovered for clients who need and deserve it.”

About David R. Price, Jr., P.A.:

Attorney David Price is a Greenville native and has been practicing law in South Carolina since 2006, focusing primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Collections, and Criminal Defense. David has proven to be a competent and zealous supporter of injured persons, and since 2007 he has secured more than twenty settlements in excess of $100,000, including a settlement in excess of $600,000 and a settlement in excess of $1,200,000.


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Best Attributes for a Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents involving a car or any other motor vehicle are sadly happening every day leading to personal injuries. To get compensation for the injuries suffered in an accident, you need to hire an experienced lawyer. The wages you lose, car repairs and any medical expenses accruing will be compensated to you through the help of a car accident lawyer. Another kind of compensation you may get is of an injured loved one out of reckless or drunk driving as well as over speeding. Other than bodily injury, liability determinations, property damage and wrongful death are other varied issues covered by car accident lawyers. Since the car accident negotiations are usually hectic and have a complex field of insurance claims and settlements, an experienced injury attorney is necessary. Thus, you will need to get an agent with high skill level, highly committed, relative cost structure and highly experienced. It is important you check your agent’s standard fee structure which will allow him to take up your case on a “no- win no- fee” basis.
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your case agent should be able to handle health care institutions be conversant with the laws in the sector of the carriage. The agent you get should know how to prepare and decide a case efficiently as well as manage the insurance. On your checklist should be; the prosecutor’s references, history, and their top scores. Wondering when to talk to a lawyer for your case, It is recommended that, the car accident lawyer be hired early to avoid costly mistakes since, the deadline for filing personal injury claims varies from state to state. Thus, the car crash attorney should be contacted soon after the collision.
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You should get a rough proportion of the prosecutor’s practice on car accident cases when dealing with personal injury cases. You should also check if the attorney primarily represents accusers or the accused. You would not want to hire a personal injury lawyer who has represented defendants predominantly in their earlier handled cases. Simply for the obvious reason that, the lawyer will sway to a thinking that is highly connected to the attitudes of the insurance companies making them consciously or unconsciously not fight as hard for your claim. Note that your attorney will be your campaigner before the other lawyers, jury and the judge ensuring your side of the story is heard and that you are compensated for all the losses suffered. Thus, an experienced attorney will be essential in helping you get a just and rational resolution in your car accident case.

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Factors To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer. To find the ideal criminal lawyer to represent you, this will be determined by a couple of things. It will be important for you to find the right kind of a lawyer through putting in some effort when looking for one. The lawyer has to be licensed to practice in your current state but there are other factors that will need to be considered too. The location of the attorney has to be the first thing to look at. Different states have different kinds of laws that will need to be followed and therefore a person in your location will understand how to represent you well. Be sure to check the licensing some lawyers do not have access to represent people in a certain area. The first thing the lawyer should sjhow you is the permit to work in your area. Criminal law has so many areas that you can easily specialize in. Let the lawyer tell you the kind of law they are good in dealing with. It is important to find an attorney who has the concentration of the kind of charges you are facing. This will also be determined by the years of experience in practicing the area of law.
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In some given situations, there are qualities that each individual will look for in a lawyer. These qualities are able to be totally different for each person. When it comes to the lawyer representing you, then comfort is very important. This where some people prefer going for lawyers who are from small firms with less cases to deal with. The benefit of finding such a lawyer is that they give a whole concentration to your case. Some people prefer working with the popular law firms. For such people they know so well that such a lawyer has dealt with a case similar to their and therefore prefer them.
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Find out how people think about the lawyer in question. To know more about the lawyer you are about to hire go on all the online platforms and review the comments made by the people about them. If you happen to find a number of people talking ill about a certain person then consider to find someone else. Finally do not forget to discuss more about the costs to be incurred in your case. You will find the lawyers giving different figures when it comes to the payments. In comparison to their counterparts, the lawyers in the big firms tend to charge way more than expected. There are other factors that will also determine how a lawyer charges like the complexity of the case.